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We specialize in helping students pass FTCE every day.

I took the ftce general knowledge essay subtest 6 times. Each time, I get a 6. I tried tutoring, prep books, workshops, etc. etc. etc. My mom signed me up for the 2 weeks program. I did go up 1 point. So, I decided to do the 4 weeks course. I like the feedback the tutor gave me; it was detailed. He told me stuff that ftce people look for. I did get a passing score after the 4 weeks program. So, this program works. – Lauren D. – FTCE General Knowledge Essay


My exam date was in 2 weeks, and I had to pass to keep my job. I did the 4 weeks course in 2 weeks for the elementary science subtest. My tutor gave me a lot to work on in 2 weeks, and I did all the readings and practice questions. I passed. I thank this program and my tutor very much for the help. Courtney G. – FTCE Elementary Education


This program gave me the confidence I needed to pass the ftce general knowledge reading exam. I have took it 5 times I passed everything except reading. I did all the prep books and no success. My problem was the timing. I am esl student so reading is tough. My tutor provided me guessing tips and strategies related to reading. I can say my sixth attempt I passed the test. I recommend this program to anyone looking to pass ftce gkt reading. Cristina R. – FTCE General Knowledge Reading

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Our success is unmatched to any other company for FTCE

I passed my fele exam. I thought I let you know. Thank you – Nick S. – Florida Educational Leadership Examination


I signed up for the 4 weeks course just because I wanted more practice. I used and 240 tutoring. Those sources helped out, but this one had the best practice. More aligned to the chemistry exam. Derrick G. – FTCE Chemistry

I did the 8 weeks course for the elementary education exam. I wanted to pass everything my first attempt and not worry about retaking. I wanted to get a job for the next school year. I worked with 2 tutors who were amazing. They gave me many practice and activities. They also explained in detail things I had trouble with. I can say this program 100% helped me to pass all 4 subtest the first attempt. Ajejandra M. – FTCE Elementary Education

Hello Kelly

I took my test this morning and got a good result. Thanks. Fuller T. – FTCE English

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Updated resources and knowledge found nowhere else.

So I needed to pass the ftce mathematics exam for grades 6-12. I had a job opportunity waiting for me, and I was very much wanted to pass this test after taking it 4 times. I used tutoring programs before like Varsity and Hey Tutors, and the tutors did teach me math but not what was on the exam. My brother told me to look into this site as he saw I was desperate to pass. I started with the 2 weeks program as I spent so much money on tutoring before. I saw immediately my tutor had similar exam questions. Once I knew this was related to ftce, I upgraded to the 8 weeks course, which I did in 4 weeks as I had to pass. This program is well worth it. If you want a tutor for ftce, do this program. This is expensive, but this is well worth it. Karen D – FTCE Mathematics


Hey Rhonda

You helped me about a 2 months ago on the FTCE GKT Essay I received my scores, and I passed. Thank you so much for the help.

Sincerely Ryan Boring

Ryan B. – FTCE General Knowledge Essay


Hi Jenny

I wanted to let you know I passed my ftce. I am very thankful for you help. Please keep up the tutoring. Hope R. – FTCE Middle School English

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Our program is the #1 FTCE Online Tutoring Program.

This is Robert. I wanted to give you an update that I did finally pass the ftce Spanish exam. Robert T. – FTCE Spanish


Good evening. I have good news. I PASSED!!!! I can’t thank you enough for helping me to pass with math general knowledge exam. Thank you for all the time you spent. Thank you thank you. Have a wonderful day!!! Neyla W. – FTCE General Knowledge Math


I am extremely thankful for this program to helping me pass all sections of the GKT exam. I took math 4 times and reading 7 times. I did not even attempt the other sections. Before this program, I was taking ftce exams for like 2 years. I have very high anxiety. I have had high test taking anxiety since I was in high school. My tutor provided content, practice, and strategies. Everything was perfect. Everything was organized When I emailed, the tutor replied back immediately. If I needed to change my schedule for tutoring, he was accommodating. All the hard work I put in paid off as I passed everything. This program truly does work. Greg H. – General Knowledge Exams


I used, 240tutoring, and mometrix book and nothing I studied was on the ftce social science exam. I was shocked and very disappointed. I did not know what to do but my sister showed me this site. At first I was unsure, but I also had to pass, so I signed up. I did think the content they gave was more aligned to the exam. The questions were so so, but at the end I did pass. I am happy. I do recommend this program very much for social science. Ronald W. – FTCE Social Sciences

I had to take the ftce ese. I took it 3 times and very close to passing each time. I only needed 3 points so I did 2 weeks course. Very informative program and helpful as I passed. Thanks – Spencer C – FTCE Exceptional Student Education

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Supporting Students in Florida for Over 10 Years

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